Sunday, November 27, 2011

MDB Records - Twitter

Mash Down Babylon Records, a record label started by Matt Embree (The Walrus) – have recently created a Twitter page.
With the impending release of a Biceratops LP – which could very well be another arm to MDB Records – we should be prepared for a lot of exciting news.

I am following it, are you? - MDB Records • Twitter.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Honey Ditch

I feel one man deserves an honourable mention on this blog.
That man is Chris Haynie. He is the writer who wrote the companion story for 'Lover, The Lord Has Left Us' – 'The Sound of Animals Fighting'
I have wanted to feature this gentleman for some time. I have been in limbo about reviewing his first novel, 'The Honey Ditch'. My uncertainty for reviewing it, does not stem from it being a bad book.
On the contrary, it is brilliant.
It stems from my lack of enthusiasm for reviews. Someone creates something from their love of art, and you shun that creativity by putting the ideas into a worded box. I will have a biased opinion. Therefore, any attempts at reviewing are redundant.

In 2002, Haynie was published in a book, edited by Richard Balling, called 'Revolution On Canvas'

In this interview with Under The Gun, Haynie discusses 'The Sound of Animals Fighting', His first novel and future aspirations.
Chris Haynie is currently writing a series of short stories called 'Cities' 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Richard Balling – Interview

An interview with The Nightingale
– Here is an interview with Richard Balling (The Nightingale) 
Post 'Lover, The Lord Has Left Us' – 2006

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biceratops – News

I am usually reluctant to post on this blogger. Mostly because there is very limited news to share, with regards to The Sound of Animals Fighting.
I have mentioned before – and posted many videos of 'Biceratops'
Matt Embree (The Walrus) & Chris Tsagakis' (The Lynx) moniker, when playing TSoAF songs. Well, exciting news has arisen. The Mars Volta, bassist Juan Alderete will be featured in their songs. The 'Biceratops' Facebook page confirms this.
Biceratops - Facebook page
Also, the most exciting news revealed from their Facebook is that they have recorded, mixed and their latest songs are "ready to roll!!"

"Biceratops is looking for a graphic designer/artist to help with the cover/layout of first LP. Tunes are recorded, mixed ready to roll!!"

They are just looking for a graphic designer to lend a hand to their artwork. Know anyone? maybe even yourself?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Biceratops – Tumblr

When Matt Embree and Chris Tsagakis perform The Sound of Animals Fighting songs, they do it under the moniker Biceratops. They have a site with a track, sounds pretty interesting. – Biceratops Tumblr


This is very late-coming. If you are a fan of The Sound of Animals Fighting you are likely to be a fan of RX Bandits. Earlier this year, they announced their final summer tour – as you are most probably aware – At first hearing this, I have to admit, I was heart-broken. But, I had a shimmer of hope that they had stopped touring, but not necessarily stopped making music.
Recently I have realised, this gives them more time, for family, friends, building on their skills as musicians.
It also gives them time on other projects. Matt Embree has already had a release with the wonderful Lisa Papineau, under the moniker 'ME & LP'.
Tsagakis is focusing on his solo work 'Technology' or 'C-Gak'
And, the other members are surely hard at work on their own projects.
But, one thing that excites me is the possibility of TSOAF getting together once again. Or is that too good to be true? one can dream. Until then, only speculation.