Friday, September 30, 2011

Biceratops – Tumblr

When Matt Embree and Chris Tsagakis perform The Sound of Animals Fighting songs, they do it under the moniker Biceratops. They have a site with a track, sounds pretty interesting. – Biceratops Tumblr


This is very late-coming. If you are a fan of The Sound of Animals Fighting you are likely to be a fan of RX Bandits. Earlier this year, they announced their final summer tour – as you are most probably aware – At first hearing this, I have to admit, I was heart-broken. But, I had a shimmer of hope that they had stopped touring, but not necessarily stopped making music.
Recently I have realised, this gives them more time, for family, friends, building on their skills as musicians.
It also gives them time on other projects. Matt Embree has already had a release with the wonderful Lisa Papineau, under the moniker 'ME & LP'.
Tsagakis is focusing on his solo work 'Technology' or 'C-Gak'
And, the other members are surely hard at work on their own projects.
But, one thing that excites me is the possibility of TSOAF getting together once again. Or is that too good to be true? one can dream. Until then, only speculation.