Saturday, August 11, 2012


Lauren Coleman lent her fantastic voice to 'Uzbekistan' in 2008, for her debut vocal performance with 'The Sound of Animals Fighting'. 
'Uzbekistan' is a track that truly speaks volumes of what TSoAF are about. It's eclectic and energetic. With the inspiring roster of vocal talent, Lauren Coleman does not appear small next to the giants. 

She has a history of other projects. In 2005, Matt Embree (The Walrus) Recorded for 'Goldfish Don't Bounce' – a band which Lauren Coleman performed vocals for. 
Lauren Coleman began her solo project – 'Pebaluna'. The date is tentative. However, the Myspace page reads that she began membership as early as 2006. 
2 years prior to her collaboration with TSoAF. I followed her progression under the moniker 'Pebaluna' as soon as I heard her voice on 'Uzbekistan'.
A different style of music indeed. But, if you can appreciate her wonderful voice, you can very much enjoy her rather nursery-rhyme, simply melodic, ukulele love-songs.

Now we travel to 2012, and 'Pebaluna' has become a 4-piece band, with Matt Embree, Jessica Lankford, Jonathan Grillo, and of course Lauren Coleman. They are readily performing shows in their local vicinity, and have an album due out September 18th. I can only imagine Matt's voice complimenting Lauren's to beautiful measure, which this video only touches upon.

Of course, this kind of music is for a completely new demographic than what TSoAF was for. However, starring Matt Embree is enough reason for fans to jump on this band, without failing to mention Lauren Coleman's lovely voice (once again).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minor Update

On Biceratops' Facebook page, they posted this on, 29/6/12;
"Sorry for the lag everyone, we are very exited about the album. Pre-releases should be ready to order next month. They will include the album, a hand printed poster, and shirt. Thanks for your patience, we hope you will enjoy the album as much as we do!"
Source - Biceratops' Facebook page

Apologies for our delay.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indie Animals

On this blog, we want to write a feature about bands/ artists which have been influenced by The Sound of Animals Fighting. What we want, are bands or artists post the genesis of TSoAF, so anything after 2004. What we don't want are bands or artists which are affiliated with them, we know who they are!

So, if you know or are a part of a band/ artist who have clear influences with TSoAF, then please make it known. You can see this as a chance for promotional purposes, plus, we would like to hear you too! It's more than likely that you will be featured.

Please comment in the comments box.