Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meeting The Lynx

So, I went to see RX Bandits again and I didn't think it could of been better than the previous gig but it absolutely was. Anyway, I walk into the venue and go up to the RXB merchandise stool and who is running it? The one, the only David Embree*

I knew who he was Immediately! walked up to him and the conversation went (from what I can remember) like this.
Me - "Your not David Embree are you?"
David Embree - "Yeah, whats your name?"
I told him my name and what a fan of his work I was then I said to him;
"I love the work you did with The Sound Of Animals Fighting, they are my favourite band of all time"
Then David Embree said "Mine too"
I was ecstatic, I spoke with him for a good five minutes about himself and his music. He is a very nice guy. I also met Chris Tsagakis (The Lynx) Steve Choi and Joe Troy. I was absolutely Gutted that I didn't get to meet Matt Embree (The Walrus) as he is one of my all time favourite musicians. I did however, get autographs on the 12" LP 'Mandala' of all of them but Matt Embree.

* Music producer, worked on remixes and co-produced 'Uzbekistan' for The Sound Of Animals Fighting.

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