Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Honey Ditch

I feel one man deserves an honourable mention on this blog.
That man is Chris Haynie. He is the writer who wrote the companion story for 'Lover, The Lord Has Left Us' – 'The Sound of Animals Fighting'
I have wanted to feature this gentleman for some time. I have been in limbo about reviewing his first novel, 'The Honey Ditch'. My uncertainty for reviewing it, does not stem from it being a bad book.
On the contrary, it is brilliant.
It stems from my lack of enthusiasm for reviews. Someone creates something from their love of art, and you shun that creativity by putting the ideas into a worded box. I will have a biased opinion. Therefore, any attempts at reviewing are redundant.

In 2002, Haynie was published in a book, edited by Richard Balling, called 'Revolution On Canvas'

In this interview with Under The Gun, Haynie discusses 'The Sound of Animals Fighting', His first novel and future aspirations.
Chris Haynie is currently writing a series of short stories called 'Cities' 


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